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What is ICEShop

Show your QR from app and earn rewards

It is simple. Find nearest ICEShop screen and check in now.

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ICEShop is simple. Show your QR to any ICEShop screen from your mobile app and earn

Turn points into rewards

You earn points to your digital wallet each time you check in and these points turn into rewards

Advertise and reach your target audience with AI

Advertise using ICEShop in minutes and analyze your campaigns in real time with the power of our AI tools

Join ICEShop Network

We do our best to create our community better than ever.

Grow your business with AI

ICEShop network will help you to reach your potential customers with strong targeting tools.

Advertise with small budgets

Promote your products and services starting from pennies

Power of AI in your campaigns

Our Deep Learning algorithms and analytical tools make the best return on your campaign goals.

Earn income & rewards

We share our campaign budgets with our partners

Increase your sales

Let us reach new potential customers for you with our AI powered network

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Grow your ICEShop Community each day by becoming part of ICEShop Partner Program

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