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Get rewards

Download our ICEShop member app and earn discounts at our nearest ICEShop store.

How it works?

Follow 4 steps to get your first discount

Download Member App

First your need to download ICEShop Member app. Click button below to do that.

Visit nearest ICEShop screen

The find the nearest ICEShop through the app and visit.

Show your QR and watch ad

Show your QR inside your app to the indoor screen located at ICEShops and start watching ads for at least 5 seconds.

Congrats. You earned your point.

You made it. You earned

Turn your points into money by watching ads

With ICEShop, each interaction with our indoor screens, give you points that turns into special discounts, rewards and virtual money.

Scan your QR code

Each time you scan your QR code and watch a personalized ad, you will earn points that turn into money.

User Face recognition

Your biometrics mean a lot for us. We market them to our advertisers so that we can give more benefits to you.

Your face is your wallet

Our system recognize and confirm our users visits and interaction with our face recognition algorithms. So your interaction points are added to your wallet after your face match confirmation.

AI powered Dashboard

For Advertisers

You can advertise and reach your target audience with the most effective way with the power of our AI tools. Contact us now to learn more.

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